The Best Parts of Lovers

the best parts of loving your polar opposite

becoming adept at the art of compromise. surprises. taking a chance on something new. with compromise comes complementing. and different ways of bettering each other. we’ll regard each other with awe because we come from totally different worlds. i’d think you’re so special. you’d think i’m so special. i meet the people that influenced you, and through that i gain another chance to grow. through differences, we maintain diplomacy, mutual respect, and tact.

you might do things you never thought you could.

opposites attract, but then, differences bite back.
there is the irritation between us. You may never understand that my views are rooted in reason and truth, formed through my own experiences. you will never truly want the world I grew up in, just the girl that grew through it all. you can’t always learn diplomacy. you may hate each other when you meet the thought and place or time where you just don’t think it’s worth it.
you might do things you always said you wouldn’t.

the best parts about loving someone like you

harmony. as your mirror, he is the eye-opener to your own qualities. in knowing this someone else, you learn more about yourself.
oh, what else can I say? you’ve found the one.

but then never leaving my comfort zone becomes the normative.
we are the enabler to each other’s faults
then come the same ways in dealing with the same issues. we meet a standstill. and when both of us want to hold it out, one of us must realize that we have to back down; but if you’re stuck in a rut with someone just like you, there is no pulling out.  our personalities mirror instead of complementing. Is the grass on the other side really greener? he wonders. We wonder.
sometimes we get old.

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